Men's Club

The Avondale Men’s Golf Club was established in 1972. Annual elections of Board Officers, Board Members, and Committee Members are done in November of each year. Any Men’s Club Members in good standing can be nominated. The Association is governed by its By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and members volunteer their time and expertise and are committed to maintaining the club as one of the best Idaho Men’s Club to be a part of.

The AGCMC conducts a variety of competitions under U.S.G.A. Rules in one, two and three day formats. Our tournaments are flighted so that you play and compete with golfers of similar ability. You can also partner with your friends in most events. 

Our weekly play days are less formal and are generally held on Wednesdays or Sundays. USGA Handicaps are always required.

Tournament participation is one of the key benefits of your Avondale Men’s Club membership. Please feel free to contact the Golf Shop with any questions or to volunteer to work with one or more of the Club Committees. The most recent tournament calendar can be found right here on this page. 

Congratulations to our 2023 Club Champion, Mr. Alex Pounds!


Our current officers of the Mens Club:

Bill Duvall


Michael Porter


Chad Purcell


Alex Pounds

Tournament Chairman

John Nelson

Handicap Chairman

Brennan Stillinger

Special Projects

Taylor Pierce

Membership Chairman

Men's Club Champions By Year

2023 - Alex Pounds

2022 - Alex Pounds

2021 - Brennan Stillinger


2020 - Brennan Stillinger


2019 - Michael Porter
2018 - Darren Titus
2017 - Darren Titus
2016 - Mike Garcia
2015 - Darren Titus
2014 - Michael Porter
2013 - Tyler Johnson
2012 - Nick Onustack
2011 - Mike Macrae
2010 - Russell Grove
2009 - Russell Grove
2008- Russell Grove
2007 - Jim Foote
2006 - Eric Titus
2005 - Mike Meehan
2004 - Bob Fusch
2003 - Frank Riem
2002 - Mike Meehan
2001 - Jim Johnson
2000 - Shumway Poole
1999 - Richard Farver
1998 - Dick Yeager
1997 - Norm Weber
1996 - Hank Schmidt
1995 - Bob Christensen
1994 - Bob Christensen
1993 - Chad Cherry
1992 - Mark Arnin
1991 - Terry Moore
1990 - John Beutler
1989 - Keith Coultrap