Junior Golf

Why Choose Avondale Golf Academy

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner hoping to learn the basic fundamentals of golf or an advanced golfer looking to improve certain areas of your game, there are many ways to swing a golf club and each lesson will be tailored to achieve your short & long term goals. 

operation 36 master coach

Group or Private Lessons Available

Our Coaches

Taylor Porter, PGA

Dan Porter, PGA

Chase Bomar, PGA Associate

Austin Westphal, PGA

Operation 36:

The Avondale Junior Academy uses the Operation 36® framework to structure the program. It consists of Coaching, Playing, and Training programs and is designed to teach golfers to play the game from a hole out perspective. Each golfer will be issued a profile in the Operation 36® Mobile App to track progress through a level based curriculum that is designed to set appropriate objectives and challenge each student towards shooting par or better (score of 36) for 9 holes.

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