Our Mission:

“To encourage women to join the club for fun and friendship. We support the goals of our members to improve their golf game by providing challenging and fun competition and insure that the rules of golf as established by the USGA are consistently followed.”

Our Goal:

“Our Goal is to promote camaraderie, improve the level of play, and endorse golf etiquette amongst women golfers of all ages and skills.”

We have opportunities for tournament play within and outside of the Avondale golf club. Our league plays 18 holes on Thursdays.

Membership Information

There Are 3 Options For Annual Membership In The Avondale 18-hole Women’s Club:

If you choose to join with the purpose of maintaining a handicap through the GHIN Handicap System AND playing in the Avondale Women’s 18-Hole Club activities, the cost of membership is $80.00. Dues are payable by March 1st each year. After that date you will be marked INACTIVE in the GHIN system. Avondale 18 Hole Ladies Club is a fun, yet competitive league. Members are encouraged to stay current on their knowledge of the Rules of Golf, etiquette practices, and to maintain a handicap of 36 or less. If any of our members have questions or need a little help with their swing, we have 4 PGA Professionals on staff to help you with your golfing needs.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you may join for the purpose of establishing and/or maintaining a GHIN handicap only. The cost of this membership is $40.00.

If you are under the age of 18, you may join as a “Junior Member” only for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a handicap through the GHIN Handicap System. The cost of membership is $5.00.


Our current officers of the Avondale 18 Hole Ladies Club:

  • President / Cheryl Freeman

  • Vice-President / Gayle Foote

  • Secretary / Jenni Whitehead

  • Treasurer / Debra Olson

  • Sportschair / Julie Herro

League Rules


  • Eligible members will be those women, 18 years of age or older, paying annual membership dues to the Avondale Women’s 18 Hole Golf Club
  • Associate members are female golfers over the age of 18 years old who become an Associate member of the Women’s 18 Hole Golf Club for the sole purpose of obtaining a USGA handicap and for no other benefit and/or privilege provided by the Women’s 18 Hole Golf Club.
  • Junior members are female members under the age of 18 years old whose membership is for the sole purpose of obtaining a USGA handicap and is for no other benefit and/or privilege provided by the Women’s 18 Hole Golf Club.

Membership Dues

  • Annual membership dues will be decided yearly by the Board. Dues are due on March 1st of the playing year and include $2.00 of Hole-In-One insurance. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed after April 15th.
  • A weekly assessment for those playing members will be paid to cover game payouts.
  • A fee will be paid weekly by playing members to participate in KP awards. A weekly payout is given to the one KP from each of two flights on every par 3 hole. Your name, distance, and flight must be clearly marked on the sign at the hole. Adding the information to your scorecard is advised. Play and pay at least 5 rounds, and you automatically qualify to participate in the season end KP Shootout. For those who don’t want to participate in KPs, they may opt out of KP competition, but it must be for the entire season.
  • A player making a hole in one during Thursday play shall receive a set amount of $50 and the bar bill paid to cover a single round of drinks for those playing that day.


  • The USGA Handicap System is used for women’s handicapping.
  • Members of this organization must have an established USGA handicap index of 36.0 or less to join the 18 Hole Club. Members whose index exceeds the maximum during the season may continue to play with the 18 Hole Club. An exception to this rule is for any Avondale Ladies’; play that is posted as a T (Tournament) score, the member must play to a USGA maximum course handicap of 40 (index of 36.0).
  • A minimum of five (5) 18 hole scores, properly certified, will be required before a temporary handicap will be given to any member.
  • In the case of a new member transferring from another club, she must present a certified handicap record from her previous club before she will be eligible for acceptance and weekly competition.
  • The Handicap Chair person will determine the Most Improved Golfer for the season. To be eligible for this award, a member must have participated in at least ten (10) ladies play days commencing with the official start date each year in April through September 15. Most Improved Golfer will be determined using the first revision after the first official day of play through September 15th.


  • Each player is responsible for figuring her own score and entering it on the game card. All cards not properly completed may be disqualified. Proper completion includes Name, Handicap, Date, Signature and Attest.