18 hole Ladies Club

Our Mission:

To provide an arena for ladies to come together to play 18 holes of competitive golf while encouraging an atmosphere of friendship and fun.

“Our Goal is to promote camaraderie, improve the level of play, and endorse golf etiquette amongst women golfers of all ages and skills.”

We have opportunities for tournament play within and outside of the Avondale golf club. Our league plays 18 holes on Thursdays.

Membership Information

There Are 3 Options For Annual Membership In The Avondale 18-hole Women’s Club:

If you choose to join with the purpose of maintaining a handicap through the GHIN Handicap System AND playing in the Avondale Women’s 18-Hole Club activities, the cost of membership is $80.00. Dues are payable by March 1st each year. After that date you will be marked INACTIVE in the GHIN system. Avondale 18 Hole Ladies Club is a fun, yet competitive league. Members are encouraged to stay current on their knowledge of the Rules of Golf, etiquette practices, and to maintain a handicap of 36 or less. If any of our members have questions or need a little help with their swing, we have 4 PGA Professionals on staff to help you with your golfing needs.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you may join for the purpose of establishing and/or maintaining a GHIN handicap only. The cost of this membership is $40.00.

If you are under the age of 18, you may join as a “Junior Member” only for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a handicap through the GHIN Handicap System. The cost of membership is $5.00.


Our current officers of the Avondale 18 Hole Ladies Club:

Gayle Foote


Nancy Lowery


Linda Isaacson


Elaine Kingston


Barbara Hankins


Club Rules

• To be a member of the Avondale 18-hole ladies club you must have a current and active GHIN.
• The membership dues for the 2024 season are $50.00.
• Our club meets every Thursday morning, April through September, for a modified shotgun start. During the months of April, May and September our start time is 9:00 am. For the months of June, July and August our start time is 8:30 a.m.
• There is a $10.00 weekly game fee that covers the cost of the game being played that day, KP’s on our 4 par 3’s and a weekly 50/50 drawing. Anyone participating in the game must pay the game fee.
• The maximum USGA handicap to participate in this group is 36.0, which is a handicap of 40 at Avondale Golf Course.

Past Club Champions By Year

2023 - Brittany Pounds

2022 - Yvonne Titus

2021 - Yvonne Titus

2020 - Yvonne Titus

2019 - Courtney Wagner

2018 - Yvonne Titus

2017 - Carolyn Lanning

2016 - Shirley Purcell

2015 - Yvonne Titus

2014 - Carolyn Lanning

2013 - Yvonne Titus

2012 - Yvonne Titus

2011 - Yvonne Titus

2010 - Yvonne Titus

2009 - Yvonne Titus

2008 - Yvonne Titus

2007 - Yvonne Titus

2006 - Yvonne Titus

2005 - Yvonne Titus

2004 - Linda Isaacson

2003 - Barbara Ann Green

2002 - Yvonne Titus

2001 - Twyla Cope

2000 - Linda Isaacson

1999 - Yvonne Titus

1998 - Linda Isaacson

1997 - Barbara Ann Green

1996 - Char Snook

1995 - Mary Jo Bell

1994 - Mary Jo Bell

1993 - Diane Oakes

1992 - Diane Oakes

1991 - Mary Jo Bell

1990 - Julie McCoy

1989 - Julie McCoy

1988 - Julie McCoy

1987 - Mary Jo Bell

1986 - Mary Jo Bell

1985 - Karen McLandress

1984 - Joyce O'Neill

1983 - Karen McLandress