Welcome to April!
What a opening weekend it has been! Great weather, enjoyable rounds of golf, and festive Easter celebrations, we couldn’t have asked for a more desirable time!But wait, there’s more to look forward to! Get ready because we have an exciting April planned for you all.Happy Easter to all, and let’s make April an extraordinary chapter in 2024!
During the month of April, tee times will begin at 8 am (Mondays 9 am), dependent on frost. If there is a frost delay, tee times will begin no earlier than 1 hour after frost lifts. For the next few weeks, while we battle with frost, plan on 10 am starts being common!
Tomorrow, we’ll be launching a 1st quarter food and beverage survey. We value your input as a member, so we’d greatly appreciate your participation. Your feedback will help us better understand your preferences and improve our offerings. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!
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Our spring TRACKMAN tournament was a hit!Results will be released mid week!
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Even though the course is open, playing simulator golf indoors during the spring/summer offers several benefits:Escape the Heat: Enjoy golf without enduring summer’s extreme temperatures.Convenience: No need to travel to a course; play whenever desired.Year-Round Practice: Practice regardless of outdoor weather conditions.Variety of Courses: Access a wide range of virtual courses from around the world.Data and Feedback: Receive valuable performance feedback to enhance skills.Social Experience: Enjoy golf with friends and family in a comfortable setting.Customization and Personalization: Customize settings for a tailored experience, suitable for all skill levels.
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March 1st was the deadline to submit a payment method on file form with the main office. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter!If you have not turned a payment method into the main office, please do so as soon as possible! In order to utilize your charging privileges going forward a payment method on file is needed.
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