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The Course

Nestled among native North Idaho pines in Hayden Idaho, Avondale is one of Coeur d’Alene’s most beautiful and well-conditioned golf clubs. Avondale Golf Course is privately owned but open to the public and provides a beautiful golfing experience to the North Idaho community and visitors.

The course, a par 72, appeals to golfers of all playing levels. The Avondale Golf Course is both challenging to a low-handicapper and enjoyable for a weekend golfer. The club hosts many professional events and currently boasts some of the best greens in all of North Idaho. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is the finest in the Coeur d’Alene area and is sure to make your day memorable and fun. 

Avondale Pro Tips

The First Hole

This hole calls for a good drive. The longer the better. Note pin location on this two tiered green. Wrong iron selection here and you could spend your day at the beach as the bunkers are quite difficult to get out of .

The Second Hole

Enjoy the beauty of our signature hole. It’s short but fun. Play for the center of the green; a missed shot could go left. Water is short of the green so take a half club more and make sure you get there.

The Third Hole Big Hitters

Temptation lurks on this short par 4. The two big pines make for a long field goal. The conservative play is to lay up to the twin towers and leave yourself a wedge to this fairly tricky green.

The Fourth Hole

A good drive here is about 220 yards played down the center with a slight draw. A tee ball that slices to the right will surely find the woods. Your second shot needs to be played at the center of the green. Out of bounds down the left all the way, greenside trouble to the right. Three – tiered green could be 4-putt city!

The Fifth Hole

A long drive with a slight fade is the ticket here. Second shot is ½ club longer than it looks. Slicers beware, out of bounds all along the right side claims more than its share of Top Flights.

The Sixth Hole

Careful, out of bounds right. You only need 200 yards off the tee unless you can turn the ball to the right. A 200 yard drive will put you at the 150 yard position to the green. Tricky three tiered green so study the slope carefully.

The Seventh Hole

Let the big dog eat! A long draw off the tee puts you in an ideal position to go for the green. Aim your second shot at the poplar behind the green, which is well guarded by three bunkers.

The Eighth Hole

A tough driving hole. Hit your drive straight as there is out of bounds both right and left and a tough bunker that looms on the left front of the green. Just remember, keep it straight.

The Ninth Hole

A long driver can carry the fairway bunker, otherwise aim to the right center of the fairway! The green is three clubs deep, so take note of pin position. Tricky putting from above the hole.

The Tenth Hole

A 200 yard drive down the left center puts the ball in perfect position, with a good angle from about 150-160 yards to the green. You can drive the ball through the fairway on the right side, so be careful.

The Eleventh Hole

Busting it down the left side of the fairway is best. You must be able to drive the ball 200 plus yards to cut off a bit of the dogleg. Beware of the bunkers on the approach shot. Trap on right is 40 yards short.

The Twelfth Hole

Try to keep tee shot below the hole, thus allowing you an uphill putt. This green is sloped severely from back to front, especially in the back one third. Putts behind the hole are hard to stop. Be sure of pin position to know what club to hit.

The Thirteenth Hole

Risk/reward par five. Long hitters can reach this one in two shots. Drive must be aimed to the right center of fairway just to the right of the willow tree. Long hitters go for the green; average hitters lay up in front of the water for an 80-100 yard approach shot.

The Fourteenth Hole

Short hole, only real trouble is short right. Carry the ball at least 90 yards to avoid the front bunker. This is a deep, two tiered green. Be sure you are on proper tier to have any chance of making par.

The Fifteenth Hole

Good advice: Keep your driver in your bag! Your 200 yard club positioned down the center will open up nicely leaving you about 140 yards with a good angle to hit into the green. The green slopes slightly from the right to left.

The Sixteenth Hole

This short par 4 offers two choices of play. If you are hitting the ball well, you may elect to blast your driver over the left hand bunker. It’s about 210 to carry it, leaving you with a short approach shot. Or hit your 180 yard club to the center of the fairway, leaving you a mid to short iron on in. pay attention to small slopes and undulation while lining up your putt on this tricky green.

The Seventeenth Hole

This hole is long and tough. “X” is position A off the tee. From there, a very straight lay up would be a wise choice. Deep green is two tiered, so club selection is key. Good luck!

The Eighteenth Hole

Open but long; play drive down left side to be most efficient. Long hitters can reach fairway bunker. Lay up to your favorite yardage as green holds approach shots well.  


Avondale Golf Club 10745 N. Avondale Loop Hayden Lake, ID 83835
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Avondale Golf Club, 10745 N Avondale Loop, Hayden Lake, ID 83835
Phone: 208.772.5963

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