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Ladies League

18 Holes - 2018 Officers:

- Laura Wilkinson - President


- Cheryl Freeman - Vice President

- Pam Rich - Secretary

- Marty Heinz - Treasurer

- Barb Hankins - Sports Chairman




“To encourage women to join the club for fun and friendship. We support the goals of our members to improve their golf game by providing challenging and fun competition and insure that the rules of golf as established by the USGA are consistently followed.”

We have opportunities for tournament play within and outside of the Avondale golf club. Our league plays 18 holes on Thursdays with a shotgun start and Saturdays with tee times. Players should have at least a 44 handicap at the Avondale golf course.  

Avondale Women's 18-hole Golf Club 2018 Membership Information

There Are 3 Options For Annual Membership In The Avondale 18-hole Women's Club:

  1. If you choose to join with the purpose of maintaining a handicap through the GHIN Handicap System AND playing in the Avondale Women's 18-Hole Club activities, the cost of membership is $75.00. Dues are payable by March. 1, 2018. After that date you will be marked INACTIVE in the GHIN system. As a member of this organization, you must have an established MAXIMUM HANDICAP of 44 or less on the Avondale Course.
  2. If you are 18 years of age or older (born before 1997), you may join for the purpose of establishing and/or maintaining a GHIN handicap only. The cost of this membership is $40.00.
  3. If you are under the age of 18 as of January 1, 2018 (Born in 1997 or after), you may join as a "Junior Member" only for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a handicap through the GHIN Handicap System. The cost of membership is $5.00.  


9 Holes - 2018 Officers:

- Michelle Marks - President


- Jo Gibson - Vice President

- Jody Smith - Secretary

- Lona Pfeifer - Treasurer



“Our Goal is to promote camaraderie, improve the level of play, and endorse golf etiquette amongst women golfers of all ages and skills.”


2018 Handicap (PDF)

2018 PM Sign Up Sheet (PDF)

2018 PM Sign Up Notice (PDF)

Ladies League Clinic
Ladies League Clinic (PDF)


League Rules

  1. Golf is every Tuesday unless otherwise noted.
  2. Please be at the clubhouse at least 45 minutes before tee time so that line up can be done in a timely manner.
  3. 2018 dues are $51.00. Green fees $28.00 for 9 hole play for non-members. Game fee $1.00 weekly.
  4. Two cards totaled, signed and attested must be turned in after each round.
  5. Play for 9 holes will be limited to 2 hours 15 minutes.
  6. No golfer may post more than 10 strokes per hole, the ball must be picked up after 10 strokes if you have not holed out and are slowing play. This rule will be strictly enforced, even if this disqualifies a player from the weekly game.
  7. A minimum of five (5) nine hole scores, properly certified and played on Avondale, is required to establish a handicap.
  8. If playing another day or course, post each nine-hole score on the computer.
  9. Read the rules on your scorecard. All play is governed by USGA rules.
  10. To be eligible for 9_Hole Club Championship, you must have played 8 times with the 9-hole Women’s club in the current year.  


Avondale Golf Club 10745 N. Avondale Loop Hayden Lake, ID 83835
Phone: 208.772.5963




Avondale Golf Club, 10745 N Avondale Loop, Hayden Lake, ID 83835
Phone: 208.772.5963

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